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Yoo Hoo, new here...

And I have a question already. Ive been a fan for awhile now, but just recently stumbled upon something interesting. I've been on an R.E.M. listening binge lately and was on a fan site of theirs when I ran across this:
http://www.flim.com/remlafaq/oot/meinhoney.html . I've been addicted to Out Of Time especially and found that interesting. In case the link does not work, Me In Honey was written as a response to 10,000 Maniac's Eat For Two? Ive read both sets of lyrics and while there is a similarity in subject matter, I still dont get it. Am I dense or what? Does anybody know anything about this? Im intrigued now..lol. Ill post the links for both lyrics for you in case they are needed. 1st: REM-Me In Honey http://www.retroweb.com/rem/lyrics/song_MeInHoney.html
10,000 Maniacs-Eat for Two:
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I've never heard that before, but I suppose anything is possible. "Get Up," however, was definitely written in response to "Like the Weather."
So What was going on between the 2 bands? Was it a musical respect or rivalry?
definitely musical respect between the bands. strange that the guitarist last names were both buck. no relation. they kinda came up at the same time. i want to compare the songs now, but the lyrics wouldn't load for me.
There surely is respect between both bands. I personally am a fan of both groups way before I knew about their close relationship. When I found out that they shared things and that Natalie and Michael were (let's say) friends then I fell totally in love with their music even more.

Do any of you have the Time Capsule DVD of 10000 maniacs? In there Michael and Natalie are together singing "Hello in There" and it's back from 1988 or something like that.

I also have some songs of 10000 maniacs+ michael and REM+Natalie Merchant. They're awesome.
for sure, but i would have to say for certain micheal and natalie were definitely just friends. but that's another story. anyhow yeah i have time capsule and there's another cd i have of just a bunch of acoustic performances with a group of people in a small club and natalie and micheal and peter buck and just about any other combination of people you can think of are playing together. very folky very loose and just fun. it's really cool stuff.