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any modern man can see that religion is obsolete

Welp. Seeing as there's an unhealthy lack of activity here...

I'd just like to mention that I added to my 10,000 Maniacs catalogue today. I bought a copy of MTV Unplugged used. It was kind of shaky at first, but it got better. Natalie either sounded completely unenthusiastic or just blew me away. @_@

Another addition to my Maniacs catalogue was receiving the sound file for my dearly beloved "Planned Obsolescence," which I had first heard on Natalie's website. Kickass song.

So, that brings me to five 10km full lengths...

- The Wishing Chair
- In My Tribe
- Blind Man's Zoo
- Our Time in Eden
- MTV Unplugged

I want Hope Chest, but I'd really love original LPs of Human Conflict Number Five and Secrets of the I Ching. Do any of you guys have either of those LPs? Let me know what they're like and how they compare to what mixes are on Hope Chest.

Your Mod,

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