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any modern man can see that religion is obsolete

Welp. Seeing as there's an unhealthy lack of activity here...

I'd just like to mention that I added to my 10,000 Maniacs catalogue today. I bought a copy of MTV Unplugged used. It was kind of shaky at first, but it got better. Natalie either sounded completely unenthusiastic or just blew me away. @_@

Another addition to my Maniacs catalogue was receiving the sound file for my dearly beloved "Planned Obsolescence," which I had first heard on Natalie's website. Kickass song.

So, that brings me to five 10km full lengths...

- The Wishing Chair
- In My Tribe
- Blind Man's Zoo
- Our Time in Eden
- MTV Unplugged

I want Hope Chest, but I'd really love original LPs of Human Conflict Number Five and Secrets of the I Ching. Do any of you guys have either of those LPs? Let me know what they're like and how they compare to what mixes are on Hope Chest.

Your Mod,

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Isn't Planned Obsolescence just amazing? It is so quirky and vibrant, and I really love it. One of my favourite songs of them, really.
I've actually listened to samples of Hope Chest, and the whole thing sounds just as good.

But to answer your original question, yes. Don't you find it chilling? I can't put my finger on it... is it the electronic sound? The technological theme? Natalie's frigid voice? It's so... haunting for a pop-esque song.
I think it's partly because of Natalie's voice. Her voice is magical as it is, considering the evolution it has gone through, and the entire of Hope Chest, but Planned Obsolescence in particular, showcases a voice that only appeared on that record, and never again. That makes it very unique.
Ahh, I just looked at your info. You're like, one of the only people who knows about Lucy Kaplansky. I randomly checked out Ten Year Night from the library a year or two ago. It was fantastic, though her vocals are... well, her vocals have that accent thing that takes time to get used to.
Lucy is nice. She isn't exactly one of my faovurite artists, but she has something about her that makes her very nice. I highly recommend the work she did with Dar Willians and Richard Shindell in a folk project called Cry Cry Cry. Now that, that is brilliance.
Secrets of the I Ching... YEAH i have it on vinyl. the production is very differnt. not as glossy as the remixed/remestered hope chest. i was lucky to have a copy given to me while i was living in fredonia, ny. i totally suggest searching it out. i wish i had human conflict number five. maybe someday good luck with your searches!
I really like the lyrics to those two albums... I'm really liking what I've heard from Hope Chest. I'm hoping to invest in a copy of Secrets of the I Ching. But yeah, I'd love to find Human Conflict Number Five. Eee, I'm obsessive.