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As per

Natalie Merchant is recording an undetermined number of new songs for
forthcoming two-disc Warner Bros. compilation of her solo work. "The
deadline is mid-July, so I should expect it to be released in the early fall
" she writes on her official Web site.

The artist is also designing the packaging for the set. In addition to such
well-known songs as "Jealousy" and "Carnival," also expected are B-sides,
live recordings and songs Merchant has contributed to various benefit albums
over the years.

Since leaving the major-label world, the former 10,000 Maniacs singer has
taken a low-key approach to career, releasing "The House Carpenter's
Daughter" in 2003 on her own Myth America label and devoting her energies to
motherhood. Beyond the month-long outing launched in support of that release
Merchant says she has no plans for hitting the road anytime soon. "Touring
with a baby is a bit more complicated and exhausting (for everyone)," she
writes on the site. "So I have to be realistic."
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Sounds a lot like Campfire Songs... ¬_¬ I'll probably get it, though. :D better!

It's Natalie Merchant,for crying out loud.
and a few live songs! :)
You know, ever since our 20plus-comment thread, I've been wanting to ask you this...

Will you marry add me? :D
hey there, sure! :) adding ya now. :)