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A few months ago, around the time the community was created, diver_boy made a comment regarding a 10,000 Maniacs 25th anniversary convention in Jamestown... I was wondering if he could make any remarks regarding his plans... I'm very intrigued.

In other news, I have successfully brainwashed managed to get five or so friends to start listening to 10,000 Maniacs. Woot!

In other other news, does anyone here like John & Mary? (Lombardo and Ramsey, respectively.) I personally think they're better than post-Natalie Maniacs... Of course...

Natalie Maniacs > all. :B

Also, I made a mix of my personal favourite Maniacs (82-93) songs for my art teacher... if you're interested, here's the track listing:

1. My Mother the War
2. Hey Jack Kerouac
3. Candy Everybody Wants
4. Please Forgive Us
5. Daktari
6. Because the Night
7. Don't Talk
8. Headstrong
9. Planned Obsolescence
10. Eden
11. Stockton Gala Days (unplugged version)
12. Everyone A Puzzle Lover
13. The Lion's Share
14. Like the Weather
15. Grey Victory
16. These Are Days

Personally, some of these aren't my all-time favourites... like "These Are Days." It's a terrific song, and while it's pop-friendly enough for people to get into, it's most certainly not the number one Maniacs song ever. It's up there, though. However, I *love* everyone of these songs to death.

Let's see some activity here, folks!

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